Looking Ahead

Quite unexpectedly, the store I worked at closed down. I spent nearly eight years of my life in that place, and I was there from its beginnings, helping stock and organize product. Over this past week, I’ve been doing the opposite: taking product out and essentially gutting the place. Other managers came from around the area to help us close, and it was strange to watch them loom over the drawers and snatch up items they wanted for their own stores, like a wake of vultures picking at a carcass in the midday sun, gobbling up all the tastiest bits.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the blessing of desert sand kicked up into a cloud to mask the carnage. Even though it hurt me deeply to help close Store 3165 down, I don’t think I feel the same if I hadn’t been there. It’s like playacting Trevor as he puts down Ol’ Yeller; there’s a certain amount of closure you receive by being part of the end of something that became a fixture in your life.

That was my store, I thought. It wasn’t until I actually parked my car in the driveway on the last day that I realized I would never be going back there.

While the store is now gone, and I begin my search for another job, the memories remain. There’s very little bitterness anymore, and whatever is left will pass by without fanfare. There’s just no reason to feel that way, honestly, and it’s much more important to hold onto all the memories of that place, along with all of the friends that I met, or even reconnected with. They are what matters most about my time there. For that, I can be eternally grateful.

So…yeah…if you were wondering why there hasn’t been any updates in a while, it was mostly because of that. It was a hectic couple of weeks that led up to me being here tonight to talk about it. Hopefully, I can get back to it soon. I’ve been continuing to write, and Karamia has gotten herself into a bit of a situation, but I’m sure she’ll be okay.

I apologize for being unable to provide what I’ve been promising for a while. Here’s hoping life can get back to a semblance of normalcy soon.

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