Blast Back

A dungeonpunk world is beset by a tremendous blast. However, the Blast doesn’t simply decimate the world, but instead throws anything caught in the chaos hurtling through time and space. Dylock was a fighter tasked with preventing the cataclysmic event, but after being consumed in the Blast himself, he is thrown hundreds of years into the future, where the world is crushed under the weight of industrialization, and suffering from corruption. With all of his friends aged, dead, or otherwise lost in time; and trapped in an unforgiving land, Dylock must find the means to continue his mission to set things right, and quite possibly revert the timeline to avoid such a dark future.

Content Warning
Blood and Dismemberment; Death; Graphic Violence; Profanity (H, S, F words); Depictions of PTSD; Kidnapping mentioned


  1. Where Life Ends & Begins
  2. That Which Binds Us
  3. Philosophies of Life
  4. Repose & Pathos
  5. Writ of Vitality
  6. A Different Kind of Chill

Adjacent Anthology

Side-stories detailing the lives of minor characters as they live in the deeply rich fantasy world of Blast Back.

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Blast Primer Extras

  1. Chapter i
  2. Chapter ii
  3. Chapter iii
  4. Chapter iv
  5. Chapter v
  6. Chapter vi

Blast Back ©JB Sargent