Creative Writing

A hub for any and all random writing I produce that isn’t exactly part of anything in particular, or something that is supplemental to another project I’m working on. Usually the things created here are ideas that are so heavy in my mind that I need to get them out on a page so I can think clearly about other things, so I figure why not let you all take a look.

Episodic & Short Stories



Poetry Packs and Singles


Keep in mind that some, if not most, of the writing that comprises this section has not always been rigorously edited, and therefore should not be readily regarded as “professional level” writing. I may give them a once- or twice-over myself, but they may not receive the same amount of time that would normally be taken to completely edit them. So, please excuse any minor grammatical or punctuation errors. I do, however, go back through them every once and a while, so rest assured any errors are met with my own horrified reactions and thus rectified sheepishly.

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