6th Poem: FOUND POETRY (Cut & Paste)

The last form we worked with was that of “found poetry”, where you create your own work with the bits and pieces of other works. There are works such as blackout poems where you take a page from a magazine or the like, and black out all but certain words, creating a poem out of what remains. Another form similar to the blackout poem is cut and paste, where you take words from something, like all throughout a magazine or book, and create poetry from them. I chose to take words from my own book, specifically eight chosen words from the eighth page of each of the short stories.


Crazy 88

from Fiction Junction: a novella collection

A smash, disorienting burst

Loosing gunfire, braced eternity


Discrete Atlas reached from dark

Women spoke superior


Joker engaged malfunction, blown fuse

Viking heaving suffering


Adjusting edge, fathoming Judge minute control

Small pain


Another chance, pushing words

Half-chewed cocky smile, Strike