1st Poem: IMAGERY

The first poem was one of imagery, something that you could conjure in your mind while you read it. Admittedly, I didn’t quite follow this form well, as I forgot that it was supposed to be a specific form, and not just a poem, so it lacks the imagery it could otherwise have had. I did try to be very fancy and descriptive though, which I think somewhat made up for it.


To Give Up

In times of a muddled mind, when I find myself cast under a cloud of pitch,

A nagging thought chews at my parietal lobe,

“Is this really what you should do?” the thought asks, speaking with a mouth full of gray matter,

“Should you just give up and go home?” it adds.

A low grade, missed assignment, it doesn’t take much for me to hear the chewing of that thought,

That is, of course, until I am with Her.

She cleaves through the pitch black clouds, giving me light with which to see my ambitions.

The warmth of her touch burns the cold sheet of depression that falls upon me,

And her soothing voice drowns out the cerebravorous nagging.

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