Who doesn’t like Free?

In the interest of helping my exposure (of my books, not my body…I’m too ashamed of my girlish figure), you can now head on over to the Catalogue section and read the entirety of In the Case of Dust for free. Completely FREE. It’s the greatest price ever next to somehow getting someone to pay you to take their  stuff! If I was a used car salesman, they’d call me CUH-RAAAZY JB! Aroo~! So head on down to the Catalogue Section just off of I-9 and test dri-*cough cough* Sorry…got a little carried away.

So yeah! Give the short story a peek, then take another looky-loo at the other Sample Pages, and if you are so inclined, you can pick up a copy of Fiction Junction – a novella collection – to read the rest of the short stories therein! And if you do want to pick it up, don’t forget that you get it for less at xlibris.com!

In other news, the job hunt has been…slow. A bit difficult when you live in one of the trailing States on job creation, but I gotta persevere. I have to make it out to the west coast somehow, and somehow I will. The things I was planning on showing off have come to a stand-still because I haven’t been working on them at all (hey, why lie?), the Vergil’s Downfall DLC for DmC: Devil May Cry released, and then Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate happened, and it was awesome, so I had to play it. And while hard at work at my computer, trudging away at writing Sit-0 or researching this or that, Netflix has kept me company. Sad to finish up Futurama, but I did see some interesting movies that I probably never would have watched otherwise, like Exiled (great bullet ballet/spaghetti western thriller), Boy Wonder (realistic take on how a vigilante hero origin would go), Rango (incredibly well-done CG with a lot of mature humor for a kid’s movie), and Doomsday Book (had some interesting takes on mankind’s future). Hopefully, I’ll be able to come across a job soon, and help me continue on with all my plans, I’ve been stuck in this liminality far too long for my tastes.

Hope you enjoy the free full preview of In the Case of Dust, and if you pick up Fiction Junction, I hope you enjoy that too! And if you do, don’t forget to tell your friends and spread the word! Until the next post, Keep Yourself Alive.

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