Extravagari – Theory of a Vagabond –

As a new traveler that wanders outside the bounds of a single world, our protagonist attempts to keep the balance within the macrocosm. However, not everything may be in order, and not everyone should be trusted. Take a journey travelling between realms of possibility in this over-the-top fantasy adventure to discover the truth.

Allegory of the Harvest

Extravagari is an episodic story designed as a way for me to give thanks to the readers who supported this dream. As such, my aim for this series is to allow the reader to project their own image upon the main character, be it themselves or a character of their own design. To help facilitate this ideal, at the top of each chapter is an option to change the gender of the main character between male, female, and nonbinary (with unique pronouns), whichever best suites your reading experience. I hope you’ll enjoy being an integral part of this traveler’s journey. You can also click the gender icons next to a chapter link to open that gender-specific version, otherwise the link itself will bring you to the gender neutral chapter.

This story progresses when I reach certain milestones regarding my support from readers like you. If you enjoy my stories, and you’d like to see more, help share my work with fellow readers and  lets get more Likes on my facebook author page.

Extravagari ©JB Sargent