For the fourth form, we were tasked with personifying something. Either putting ourselves in the shoes of inanimate objects, or another person, and speaking for them about something, possibly sharing an opinion they have about something. For the end, we were suggested for the poem to have a drastic change from the beginning. As I have come to love the skytrain here in Vancouver, I decided to personify it…


Why It Is Loved

Did you know? Did you know I like the rain?

I lull into each station, not simply because I slow to a stop,

But because I lament being huddled under the roof.

I start up quick, excited to return to the rail, the sky, the rain.


I hear you all complain, complain, complain about the rain.

It’s too wet, it’s too cold. I laugh , sway on my track as I do,

Think about how much you despise what I simply adore.

That’s fine, though, huddle inside and keep dry, I’ll take those drops of rain.


The tunnels are the worst, they keep me from the rain.

You love them, they keep you warm and dry,

I can hear the rain from outside, I feel it tapping on my rails.

I blast out of the tunnels, clamor across the tracks to feel the rain.


There are a few places where I can best feel the rain.

Betwixt the red fangs of the SkyBridge, near the dome of Science World,

And a stretch on the way to Aberdeen, also great for checking myself out in the windows.

If it wasn’t already obvious did you know I like the rain?


But why, why why you ask, do I like the rain?

It’s cool on my steel, it obscures my windows so only I can see the view.

Most of all however, it will weaken my frame. Overtime I will rust, rust rust,

And be decommissioned, where I can rest in a yard, in the rain.

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