Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hollindar,

We regret to inform you that payments for the Interstellar Fly-by-Star deluxe package have lapsed for six (6) months or more. In accordance with the contract signed upon purchase, the company will be forced to take immediate action. Within 72 hours of this message’s sending you will be approached by ship security contracted by and representing the IFbS franchise operating on your ark. Please follow their commands to the best of your ability in order to proceed with the expulsion process without complication. Any and all in the customer unit (hereby “family”) listed on your contract will have ten (10) hours to gather their belongings and ready for expulsion.

After the family has gathered their belongings, you will be sequestered in the ark’s IFbS-approved brig, waiting for expulsion as the crew plots a course for your ejection pod to the nearest habitable planet, planetoid, asteroid, wormhole, or other applicable subjects. Because you have chosen the deluxe package, the ejection pod for your family can comfortably seat five adults, with an additional twenty (20) cubic feet for storage. Also part of your deluxe package, your ejection pod has adequate supplies for one (1) month of life on your designated expulsion zone. If you have also purchased the supplementary Expulsion Insurance Premium, you will receive an additional one (1) month supply.

We apologize for this expulsion, but everyone here at Interstellar Fly-by-Star, Roosevelt Ark franchise, thank you for your patronage, and wish you the best of luck in your new life in your newly designated expulsion zone.

Darby Alderbridge
IFbS, Roosevelt Ark Contracts Supervisor