5th Poem: FORM (Haiku)

For the fifth poem, we were given free reign to choose from one of many forms of poetry, from things like couplets to limericks. I chose the haiku, not because it was easy, being so small – far from it, haiku is a very intense and challenging thing to write, especially if you’re not doing it in Japanese. Many people think that a haiku is simply a small poem compose of three lines with seventeen syllables, organized as five syllables on the first and third lines, and seven syllables in the second. However, there is much more to it than that, as haiku also makes use of what is called a “cutting word”, which acts as a verbal punctuation (like a comma, or…hell, saying like) that splits the haiku’s two subjects, but also unifies those two subjects as part of a greater theory. Haiku are also normally about nature, which is what I did for my first two haiku, which also allows you to understand the structure a little more with the use of two subjects split and joined by the cutting word. The other four haiku, I forewent nature and had a little fun, both focusing on something I like, and also challenging myself to find multisyllabic words.


Natural Selection

Fire in the Sky

        Orange leaves, like fire

Stars that burn, falling to Earth

Days grow shorter still


Rain in Life

Rain falls, my hair wet

Rain hits earlier, I age

A different road


Endless Fantasy


Adrenaline flows

War cry on the battlefield

Blood flows, nothing feared



A spark from the hand

His prestidigitation

The grand lies to crowds




Skulking, the shadows a friend

Lightly lifted coin



Precious life, sustained


And creatures rebuked

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