Having grown up in a podunk town of Midwest America, there wasn’t a lot to do that didn’t involve imbibing alcohol or stalking woodland creatures with high-powered rifles, or both simultaneously. However, neither of these activities piqued Sargent’s interest, and instead he turned his attention to video games, drawing, and of course, writing. Years spent devising situations, and the characters to be placed into them, were many, filling up notebook after sketchbook, later to be refined and perfected.

Not content to let them sit in his head, or on his computer, JB set out to make his mark on the world, letting his creative fruits indulge the imaginations of the public. In some small way he hopes that he can make his readers happy, or at least make their boring plane trips fly by (pun not intended, but wholly welcome).

JB Sargent is a multi-talented writer that dabbles in several genres during his writing. Romance, adventure, comedy, mystery, intrigue; nothing is out-of-bounds. From fantastical tales in magical realms to loving relationships put to the test in modern societal structures, Sargent adds a unique narrative to those exhausted plots starving for fresh ideas. Creating unique characters, enthralling situations, and imaginative settings comes easy to Sargent, culminating into stories that pull at the heartstrings and maybe even make you look at the world a little more differently.

With his creative mind, he can turn the stunning imagery in his head from ephemeral to literal.