Ready Player One: REroll

This is a fan-fiction I dabbled with based on sci-fi adventure Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. It takes place at the end of the story, so there are a few massive spoilers. I hope you can find as much enjoyment in reading it as I did in writing it. This also uses an odd sense of first- and third-person that I wanted to experiment with, since we’re following a character in first-person, and they describe what is happening to his character within the virtual space in third-person. It might work, it might not, but hey! Let’s see!

In the aftermath of the battle between the gunters and IOI for Halliday’s Egg and the fate of the OASIS, a small party of friends comes to terms with the paradigm shift brought upon by the loss of their character progress and what to do now that the egg hunt has come to a close.


Ready Player One ©Ernest Cline // REroll ©JB Sargent