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“Is your family going to watch the execution tonight?” Seo-hyun asked.

Mi-ran shook her head. Seo-hyun didn’t even turn to see her friend’s response, noticing her hair flail and the adamant headshake.

“Mine, neither.”

“It’s in bad taste, don’t you think?” Mi-ran took in the smell of the sea air wafting in from the coast.

The charred remnants of the former North’s meager fleet still peeking out of the surface of the water.

“I don’t see why some military stuff has to be public. We won, let’s just get it all over with,” she continued.

“Everyone talks about it at school. People make fun if you if you don’t seem to care.”

Mi-ran turned, her upper body reeling. “Really?!” she said.

Seo-hyun nodded without a word.

“My dad said it’s pressure from parents, older people. They want us to care a lot about the unification.”

“Doesn’t matter to me,” Mi-ran pouted, checking her phone.

“It should, my brother said the government is taking note of how many homes tune into the executions.”


“Right? I’m hungry, let’s get something.”