DmC Devil May Cry -Stairway to Heaven-

Set six months after the end of the game, this story follows Dante and the Order’s continued struggle against the demonic influence that still pervades Limbo City. While a cold war brews between the Order and the remaining demons amidst a city recovering from disaster, Dante himself carries an embattled soul, worried that the devil within may one day become too much for him to handle.

Red Orb

DmC Devil May Cry ©Capcom & Ninja Theory

2 thoughts on “DmC Devil May Cry -Stairway to Heaven-

  1. I came across this fic via deviantart. I’m glad I did because I would’ve been missing out on something awesome! So far I’ve only read up to the third mission (chapter) but am definitely looking forwards to reading the rest.

    Your attention to detail is refreshing. Not a lot of fanfic writers are willing to put so much effort into a story. I really like how you made it seem like instead of just reading it’s like I’m playing the game. The battle scenes are freakin’ awesome and I can only imagine the amount of thought and work put into creating them. I’ve noticed how you tied in stuff from classic Dante into this, like his trigger form in the first chapter. It’s interesting how you put your own spin on it though, with the black ick. And then there’s the Malice. Love that concept! Especially as you see how Dante is dealing with his own. The balance between his growing rage and comedy/smart remarks are well done. Another thing that no one has touched on fanfic-wise was the Divinity Statue. Again with the details! It makes me happy to see that someone else thought to use it in their story.

    Hmm… I believe that is all I can come up with at the moment. I just had to say you’ve done a good job with this. Congrats by the way, on getting your non fanfics published! I am definitely going to be looking into those stories if they’re as well thought out as this story was.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m glad to hear I can entertain someone 😀

      Fun fact – Malice was actually a concept from DmC, but was never mentioned in-game. I wanted to take a lot of cut or unmentioned content from the game and try to get it into this, because they had so many great ideas that I just couldn’t let go to waste.

      Thank you for your continued support, and I hope you get a chance to read my other stories, dare I say I put more thought into them than I did this DmC fic.

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