User Manuals and Magic-users

So, I intentionally wrote something akin to a technical manual, but it’s really sorta like a speculative flash-fiction. In the vein of George Saunders’ I Can Speak™, it tells the story of a fictitious product and informs the world in which it exists through a form other than a normal story. In Saunders’ work, it was done through epistolary, and in mine, it’s done as an owner’s manual. This was a fun experiment to both write in such a professional and technical way, while also trying to establish the kind of world where this product would fit into.


People only check the manual when they’re already knee-deep in trouble…

So if you’ve got some time, you can check out the dry delivery of a possibly magical world through the uCast® Σ Owner’s Manual. Hope you can find some enjoyment in it!

Until the next post, Keep Yourself Alive!

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