I’m Actually Quite Ill-prepared for Death

I was all set to post up some drawings, but then I realized that if I did, I’d be spoiling a bunch of as of yet unknown content for my future projects…so I’m not sure if I want to exactly do that just yet. Once it becomes the main project I’m working on, I’ll be sure to show off little bits here and there, but I’d rather everyone not know the complete inner workings of a story because I feel I need to show stuff off early. Sorry kids (ノД`)・゜・。

I’ll try to select some of the least spoilery ones to post from now on.

Corrections have been logged and sent back on the galley, so now I await for the revised edition to hit my inbox, and then I can meticulously go over that one, hopefully approve it, and then the first book should be on sale…soonish? Should most likely hit that vague “Summer 2012”  release date I threw up.

In other news, a buddy let me borrow Dark Souls, so I’ve been hammering away at that. Haven’t played a good dungeon crawler since…wow…probably Vagrant Story. I loved that game. Too bad my guy can’t have hair like Ashley Riot’s…now I just wanna play Vagrant Story. *sigh* It’d be more enjoyable than going through Blight Town, I can tell you that. I love how the fights in Dark Souls get my heart beating, but it does get a bit boring though, so I need to pop in the Devil May Cry HD Collection to get in some over-the-top action every now and then. Oddly enough, it’s fun starting all over again, farming for Red Orbs.

Alrighty. Well, hopefully I’ll have more drawings up a bit later that I can actually show without spoiling you. I’ve been worried about updating the blarg with just my random thoughts on things, or what I’m doing recently, without having something pertinent towards my writing or drawing to talk about. for those subscribed, I feel even worse – New Blog Post? Aw, he’s just talking about watermelons…that’s boring. Feel free to comment on anything, drum up conversation, even if it is something as inane as the game I’m playing or the book I’m reading.

Until the next post everyone, Keep Yourself Alive.

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