“Those ‘phat beats’ the kids seem to like these days.”

Since the book is off to the publishers as of now, I’ve been kicking back a little, trying to take in the idea of having gotten this far. I’ve also still been writing, forming concepts and fleshing out ideas, and drawing random illustrations to give them form. I’ll probably post them up soon.

While I’ve been doing so, a friend has been feverishly looking around the web for music he’s gotten into, which has led both of us to listening to Big Giant Circles, particularly his debut album Impostor Nostalgia. I highly recommend giving his stuff a listen if you’re a fan of chiptunes, electronica, or those “phat beats” the kids seem to like these days. There’s something about BGC’s music that not only gets you into right-brain thinking, but hurls you in wrapped in a shroud of energy and colors.

I’m quite fond of track 10, “Raindancer.” It sounds a lot like a track set against a hero’s most grueling trial, and just as they’re about to give up, they remember what they’re fighting for and come back with strength renewed.

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