Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Let’s talk about the Mary Sue. It’s damn-near iconic in the literary world by now, but for those uninitiated, it derives from the name of a self-inserted character that appeared in an old Star Trek fan-fiction someone wrote.


It was bad, I s’pose…

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It’s Always Been a While

Yes, I’m not dead, which is probably pretty obvious since I’m a bit more active on my Facebook page and much more active on Twitter. For the most part over the last little while I have been keeping my head down, nose to the grindstone, as it were, hence why I haven’t made a lot of blog posts, despite the myriad topics I would have loved to cover, but never quite felt like I could articulate them well enough. Click past the jump to find out what I’ve been working on!

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Afterblast: the blastening

We did it bookworms! The fifth chapter of Blast Back is up now for your reading pleasure! God, it’s taken forever, and I hate myself that it has. So many unforeseen circumstances along with large gaps in being able to tackle the chapter in great length, but I’ve carved away at it all this time, so now it’s complete!

Hopefully, hopefully, after this final semester is over, I can get to a way more consistent schedule for getting out anything that I want to share, instead of the sparsity we’ve had to deal with for such a long time now. If you’re still around after all this time, thank you so much for your support, in whatever way you give it, and especially, thank you so much for your patience.

Until the next post, Keep Yourself Alive.

Does The Hobbit count as a Short Story?

Hello all! How are we doing this fine Monday? Oh…that bad huh? Well, maybe if you stopped picking at it…

ANYway, as you should all probably know by now, I’ve been in university up here in Coovie Town (Vancouver for all you squares), hence the slowdown in updates for both Blast Back and DmC: Devil May Cry -Stairway to Heaven-. However, one of my classes is a Creative Writing course, and I thought it’d be a small consolation to put up the assignments I wrote for class here, to not only get me back to actually putting stuff on here, but also to hold you over until something you actually care about comes along.

So here’s one of them now! Three Amigos was actually a replacement for a different short story assignment. Originally, I had a story that, while fun in its own right, was a bit too big for the assignment itself. it sounded like, and is, potentially part of some greater idea. Instead of submitting that, I decided to test my mettle, jump outside my comfort zones of third-person perspective and fantasy, and create something new from scratch. Three Amigos is the end result. It got an A, too!

If you haven’t followed the link above to read it, you can also get to the story by clicking this whole block of text. Did you click it yet? How ’bout now? You’re allowed to, I said you could. There! Hope you enjoy it, and rest assured that I am slowly working on the next chapter of Blast Back when I have free time.

A Tale for Halloween

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’ve liked writing and telling stories for a long time. Back in elementary school, we had what was called “Writer’s Workshop”, and there were no two words I loved hearing more (other than “pizza Fridays”). Writer’s Workshop was where they taught us to write, obviously, and we were encouraged to make up stories, fictional or otherwise for the sake of writing practice. It was one of the few things I always looked forward to in school because it let me cut loose my creativity.

When I got to first grade, out of nowhere I began this annual story whenever October rolled around. It chronicled the exploits of two young brothers, Ross and Ryan, who lived pretty much in exactly the same middle-of-nowhere, surrounded-by-hills neighborhood that I did growing up. The hills that surrounded their little slice suburbia were home to a terrible menace that appeared every Halloween, a monster that if not defeated before the night’s end would wreak havoc around the neighborhood. Ross and Ryan made it their mission to stop the monster. With my six-year-old brain, I called it The Halloween Monster, and every school year it got a sequel, appended with a Roman numeral I was so proud of knowing.

One of many things I learned from video games, really

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Working Hard at Hardly Working

So, it’s been a little bit. I apologize for not keeping up with posts, but sometimes I don’t have too much to talk about, and I’d rather not completely bore you.

For the most part, I’ve been continuing to write Sit-0, and it’s going…swimmingly. I’ve also had to take short breaks to figure out some smaller details about the world and some certain, rather important details. At the same time, I’ve been trying to compile some of that into another little piece to show off, to divulge just a little bit more information about what Karamia will be experiencing, so, stay tuned for that in the coming weeks!

When not writing or doodling concepts, I’ve been working the normal day job, or otherwise goofing off. It’s getting too cold here in the midwest, so running around and having fun is no longer much of an option; now it’s just biting chills and slippery roads to deal with. Luckily, a few fun things released to keep me interested inside, chief among the DmC: Devil May Cry demo, which is a lot of crazy fantastic fun in gritty surreal environments. Can’t wait for the full release in a couple months. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is also a lot of good clean, old-fashion brawler fun.

Now I just need to budget my time between working hard on the next story, and playing a demo for the umpteenth time. Speaking of, I did not know that “umpteenth” was an actual word. Like…I understood the definition of it, but I thought it was just a random thing people used to say, but wasn’t an actual word. Yup…I’m a writer folks, I know all of those word-type-thingers.

Until the next post everyone, Keep Yourself Alive.

The Writer’s New Groove

Now that I’m done with the previews, and that I’ve gotten a healthy dose of Dishonored and Devil May Cry 3 HD in my system, time to get onto starting Situation-0.

I think for me this is the most difficult part of the writing process: getting started. Conceptualizing is fine, because it’s a lot of brainstorming and your thoughts can be incomplete sometimes, but when you actually start writing, your thoughts need to be complete, and it all has to have this…cohesive flow. It’s difficult getting into that groove sometimes, but that groove is definitely where I need to be. I should get a shovel and dig one out…

I also recently watched all of the available episodes of Freeman’s Mind, which was a very entertaining experience. It was more that just watching a guy narrate a playthrough, it was like watching a machinima through the eyes of the character, and the player made sure to move around and do things in a much more animated way.

And now, let’s get back to getting into that groove.