Afterblast: the blastening

We did it bookworms! The fifth chapter of Blast Back is up now for your reading pleasure! God, it’s taken forever, and I hate myself that it has. So many unforeseen circumstances along with large gaps in being able to tackle the chapter in great length, but I’ve carved away at it all this time, so now it’s complete!

Hopefully, hopefully, after this final semester is over, I can get to a way more consistent schedule for getting out anything that I want to share, instead of the sparsity we’ve had to deal with for such a long time now. If you’re still around after all this time, thank you so much for your support, in whatever way you give it, and especially, thank you so much for your patience.

Until the next post, Keep Yourself Alive.


Standing on that New Horizon

Well, here I am! It’s been about a minute, hasn’t it?

Coovie Town

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Blast Back, Continuing to Explode

Awright! Finally! The next chapter of Blast Back is up for your reading pleasure. This one is a bit slower than the first, but I hope you enjoy it all the same.

Chapter II also gives us a bit more insight into the world of Blast Back, and I think it might behoove me to explain something that I’m not sure would ever get explained through normal dialogue (but who knows, maybe later?). For now, I’ll just let you guys in on the thought-process. In this chapter we hear some students tossing out odd words, insults specifically, at each other, here’s what they mean in the context of Blast Back‘s universe.

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Blast Back is Blowin’ Up!

Alrighty! So Blast Back has begun! You can check out Chapter I of this dungeonpunk action adventure now by following this link, that one right back there that you passed eight words ago!

I hope you enjoy it, and if you did, please do me a favor and share it with your friends!

“Adventure. Intrigue. Electrolytes. It’s got what plants crave.”

I must be in the right groove. I’m getting embroiled in the intrigue simply by jotting down the main plot-points on the synopsis for a story. The images bouncing around in my head are exciting.

Too bad there isn’t a way for me to project that intrigue and excitement from my mind onto this here blarg. Like still images. Things that I could illustrate!

More to come when it’s not late and my tired head isn’t smashing into the keyboardbvbgt.

See…I should really get to bjkli..o