Let’s be honest; writing is a tough gig. Many do it out of love for storytelling, myself included. The toughest part to making a living out of it is getting enough exposure and being able to support yourself to be able to support the dream. Thus, I have created a Paypal donation button that you can use if you would like to support me, as well as a Patreon profile for consistent support and goodies. It’s not at all necessary for you to do so, but even I’m not blind to the necessity of subsisting while achieving a dream.

If you like what I’m doing and would like to support me, then by all means hit that Donate button and donate whatever. Any amount counts, and is greatly appreciated.

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You can also greatly support me by spreading the word about my work, linking other readers to my blog here and to the stories you’re interested in. Through your continued support, I’ll be able to keep going with things like Blast Back and short stories, along with pushing on through with Situation 0 and the rest of the EdEN SYNDROmE saga.