Three New Short Stories! And Some Souls!

Oh what a glorious day! We’ve got some more short stories for you, bookworms. Three to be exact!

If you’re not at least this excited, I question your level of vitality

We’ve got Can’t Get No Satisfaction, which is actually a short play scene that I wrote after being inspired by the end of Dangerous Liaisons, and having recently read Taming of the Shrew and The Importance of Being Earnest.

Then, we also have Touch the Sky, a focus on more action and body language than dialogue. It was fun to learn a little bit more about flying a plane and how to describe an experimental vehicle. It was a nice bit of speculative fiction.

Lastly, we have Scales, which is a fantasy short story that I wanted to try, since usually fantasy worlds require a lot of information be conveyed that a short story can’t normally handle. In effect, I wanted to test telling a story and explain a world with organic text and dialogue. Scales is also part of the Blast Back universe (ahead of where the chapters currently are), and I have plans to continue making more of these short stories that deal with the world outside of the exploits of Dylock and his friends, so stay tuned!

And what’s going on with me? Not a whole lot. At the moment I’m deep into Dark Souls 3, enjoying jolly cooperation with my best bud. Amazingly, I normally played as a knight, all but cosplaying as a Defaulty McGee with a sword and shield, but after Bloodborne, I have felt much more confident in skulking through the world without engendering passivity. As such, I took up a scythe early on in the game and haven’t looked back.

So I'm Specter Knight

I also seem to have turned into Specter Knight

The next chapter of Blast Back is also on the way, coming down the pipeline hopefully in the next couple of weeks. I should also be able to finally get to the next mission of that li’l DmC thing I have as well. Aaaah! It feels so good to be back to writing again, instead of worrying about essays and (eugh) statistics. I s’pose I should get back to it though.

Until the next post, Keep Yourself Alive!

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