Brand New Short Stories

Well! It certainly has been a while, and I apologize. Starting more classes and getting myself more set up in the city (again) consumed way more time than I had expected, especially giving some of the more intense classes I ended up taking. On the plus side, I’ve begun a facebook page which you can (and should *nudge nudge wink wink*) Like to follow me on a more consistent basis and see what I might be talking about.

Now, with that out of the way, on to the more important stuff, and that would be some brand new short stories to read!

I’ve got three for now…

Énouement is about a young man having a conversation with a rather mysterious woman about his future, Sisyphus Shrugs follows a superhero just a little bit dejected with the whole superhero thing, and Metaphysical Therapy involves a psychiatrist unable to help grieving patients who ends up giving some supernatural counselling. Follow the title links, or head to the Short Stories page.

I do hope you enjoy them, and if you do, certainly share them with your fellow readers.

In other news, Blast Back Chapter V is still on the table, as well as a new mission for DmC Devil May Cry for some over-the-top fun. When they’ll appear, well…I don’t quite know. University rears its ugly head and eats up my time. Fortunately, I’ll end up writing more short stories during the semester, so we’ll at least get something out of it. However, I’m eager to get back to the ideas planned for Blast Back and DmC both, so please look forward to it.

Until the next post, Keep Yourself Alive.

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