Boring Update of the Quick +1

Things got a little out of hand recently; family members going to the hospital (they’re okay now), and suddenly running around like a headless chicken when I was somewhat accepted to a university. Slim deadlines and much to be done has put off even starting the next chapter of Blast Back as of yet, but it is next on my plate.

If you hadn’t noticed (since I don’t mention it and really should), a new “mission” for my on-going extended universe fiction of DmC: Devil May Cry -Stairway to Heaven- was put up a bit ago, and the ending got a bit intense. If you’re into that sorta thing, or just like crazy, over-the-top action, give that a peek to tide you over from Blast Back withdrawals.

Hopefully, I can get back to a normal groove soon, being out of it is annoying, stressful, and crazy. Heck, if all goes pretty much perfectly, and the Lord descends in rays of golden light to hand-deliver some luck, I could be on the move soon. Wish me luck.

Until next post, Keep Yourself Alive!

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