Situation-0 -Amor Fati- “Of Steel & Blood” Preview

In the previous sneak peek, I talked about a bit of the Almagest Regular Army’s structure and how they are viewed by the Allied forces they fight alongside in the war. Now, it’s time to look much closer at the kinds of combatants who tread across the battlefield, and how they fit into greater scheme of things.

The Pieces on the Board

Combat in the world of Sit-0 is handled much like medieval warfare, but with this being a contemporary fantasy, militaries are complemented by some modern technology like firearms, and even larger mobile weapon platforms like tanks and the like that are factored into the formations. For a soldier in the ARA, they might very well see combat soon after leaving basic training, although the real “fun” begins when a Private is promoted to First Class, where they are given the opportunity to choose a specialization, a role with which to train for in combat that ultimately determines how they will shape the battlefield upon which they stand.

Cavalier       Front Line Cavalier
The vanguards, and the backbone of many tactical formations. Cavaliers are proficient in many standard one-handed melee weapons and tools such and swords, axes, flails, and shields, and are competent in a pistols and assault rifles. Handling a plethora of weapons with ease, cavaliers are trained to bring out some very formidable results with the weapons they wield. Cavaliers make up a large portion of the front lines, supporting Privates as they score a path into enemy forces, using steel and gunpowder to see them through. Cavaliers are known for their versatility, adapting to the changing situations on the battlefield.

Buster       Anti-Materiel Buster
The buster is a melee-oriented class built around the character’s use of heavy, two-handed weapons like zweihänders and battleaxes for crushing enemy defenses. They are especially adept at destroying enemy equipment, and for cleaving through heavily fortified targets. Many of their abilities are very anti-materiel oriented, but they can both destroy enemy weapons and armor, or integral siege weapon components. Busters can also be detrimental to regular enemy units and formations because of their insurmountable strength and the considerable threat they and their hefty weapons pose.

Sweeper       Wide-Angle Sweeper
The sweeper’s role in combat revolves around making use of halberds, scythes, and similar polearm weapons to keep enemies at a safe distance, while also controlling crowds and target positioning. Sweepers are especially helpful in formations that require getting a buster past enemy units and close to a siege weapon; by using their skills with weapons of considerable reach, they can reposition themselves and enemies, creating openings for busters and other units to move through. Sweepers also help control enemy movement simply because of the expanded threat range afforded by their weapons, commanding a fair amount of superiority.

Kenshi       Blade Disciple Kensei
The kensei (sword saint) hail from the eastern archipelago of Amataiyo, wielding curved blades like katana and nodachi, and disregarding the use of conventional shields in favor of dexterity and trusting their armor. Through specialized swordsmanship, a kensei brings out the hidden potential within the blade they hold, which they treat as an extension of their own body. Within far-eastern culture, the kensei’s selected school of discipline determines their special skills, from how they confront enemies and even to how they use their weapons. Kensei populate the frontline formations along with cavaliers, using their discipline to carve out standard enemy units, although they are also quite adept at making short work of buster-type units, if they can segregate them from the rest of their group.

While the Amataijin have their own military in league with the Allied forces, many Kensei owe a debt of gratitude specifically to Almagest for various reasons, all but binding them by honor to repay that debt with sword in hand. Many Kensei are also Samurai – aristocratic warriors with a social standing based upon their school and master’s reputation, which gives them a rigid code of conduct. Many Ronin (masterless Samurai) also rank among the Kensei, which causes a slight rift between them and the honorable Samurai.

Rogue       Covert Operation Rogue
A rogue uses guerrilla warfare when taking out targets, when they’re not completely avoiding enemy detection to begin with. Wearing lighter gear, a rogue accentuates maneuverability about the battlefield to reach targets, and using their dexterity to see them through encounters, although they often stick to the shadows and take alternate routes to strictly avoid direct confrontation. Breaking through enemy lines, rogues focus on attacking from their opponent’s blind spots. Rogues are outfitted with weapons and gadgets to help them through their missions, from daggers and miniature trap devices to tried and true smoke bombs and caltrops.

Pistolier      Close-Quarters Pistolier
The pistolier is a medium-range class that utilizes smaller firearms for ranged attacks. What they lack in power they make up for in their maneuverability, and are usually found on the frontlines with cavaliers or at the periphery with rogues, especially in urban warfare where combat is more enclosed. Because of their mastery of pistols and sub-machine guns, they can quickly sweep through available targets, much faster than other ranged classes can with their heavier weaponry. Many of a pistolier’s skills are used to keep enemies simultaneously at bay and within their threat range, subduing foes while their balletic movements afford them better protection from enemy ire.

Fusilier      Tactical Range Fusilier

Soldiers specializing in close- to mid-range machine guns and shotguns. Using their skills, fusiliers can decimate tight groups and heavy targets, razing anything within the range they threaten. Usually found in the midst of larger battalions, protected by other classes to watch their backs while they unload their heavy weaponry on targets, and also to protect the fusilier when they have need to reload. Fusiliers are also often found closer to encampments, acting as a long-range and powerful line of defense.

Sniper      Extreme Range Sniper
Soldiers specializing in the use of extreme-range rifles. Snipers have an assortment of attacks for anything within their large threat range, and even use a few gadgets to ensure others don’t get too close for comfort. Often found on the periphery of battlefields firing in, and set up in smaller groups of one or more units that protect the sniper against anything they don’t see in their scope. Snipers can rain hell down on unsuspecting foes before rushing off to another vantage point, keeping the enemy on their toes.

Thaumaturge      Elemental Launching Thaumaturge
Soldiers that specialize in the use of elemental Thaumacite and Thaumaturgy for combat. With their thaumadrive rod, a hi-tech staff which powers and enhances thaumaturgic reactions, they can produce different effects on the battlefield by unleashing elemental spells. Each elemental spell can greatly sway the flow of combat, from slinging fiery explosions to shell an area to smothering the battlefield in a chilling ice sheet. Because of the somatic elements to slinging spells, thaumaturges wear lighter armor than most for a greater range of motion, which requires accompaniment by other soldiers to ensure they are sufficiently covered.

Spellblade      Blast Fencing Spellblade

Soldiers that balance between using their physical prowess with thaumaturgy, marrying steel and magic as one. Spellblades enter the frontlines of battle outfitted in lighter gear that allows them to both stay nimble and cast spells somatically unhindered. Equipped with the latest in thaumadrive technology, a spellblade can cut a path through enemies one minute, and then enkindle them the next with thaumaturgy. Much like other pieces of thaumatech, a spellblade’s weapon is crafted from a special “thaumetal” alloy, which makes their sword a great magic-channeling tool.

While the true art of thaumaturgy has been lost to the greater populace of the world, there are still a large group of scattered individuals learning to control the elements without the help of thaumatechnology. Many of these true thaumaturges have entered the war to hone their magically-oriented discipline, on both sides of the battlelines.

Medic      Support Response Medic
Soldiers trained to use restorative measures for healing and unit support. Using their expansive knowledge of medical treatments, medics can stabilize the wounded and offer support to soldiers in need. Medics are armed much like cavaliers to protect themselves, but need to wear less armor in order to operate on the wounded with greater precision and quickness. As high-profile targets to enemy soldiers, medics are almost required to be accompanied by other units to ensure their own safety, especially Sweepers, who can keep encroaching enemies at bay.

Druid      Form Shifting Druid
Soldiers who change their form for differing abilities. Hailing from Gaelamir, the druidic brotherhood vindicates spirits long past for powers beyond belief. Druids are outfitted much like cavaliers or sweepers, but bring with them the power to shapeshift, altering their very form by sympathizing with spirits they worship. To feel less constricted when they shapeshift, druids tend not to wear too much  armor if they can manage it. With their power, druids can fill a variety of roles by shifting forms to whatever is most applicable given the situation at hand. However, while spiritual vindication is a powerful ability to employ, it only lasts so long before the druid becomes magically exhausted. Relying solely on shapeshifting can be a death sentence to a druid in the heat of battle.

Gaelamir itself has no military, as it was dismantled after the Gaelan lost to the Commonwealth of Jacter in a territorial war centuries earlier. Because of this, people hoping to fight to protect the emerald isle turned to enlistment in the ARA. One of the more unique groups to enlist was the druidic brotherhood. However, this poses a danger as the druids themselves have no written history, with all their traditions passed down orally. Because of this, if all of the druids should happen to fall in combat, all information aside from rumors and fairy tales could disappear.

One other class that became very apparent in the later half of the war was a type of combatant enlisted by the Axis forces. While they aren’t part of the ARA or its employers in the Allied forces, they are nonetheless an important part of the story that unfolds around Karamia.

Evoker      Shamanic Evoker

The shamans of the eastern canyons call forth mighty beasts known as Titans to fight alongside them. Operating on spiritual knowledge they alone have passed down through the cleftfolk society, what evokers brought to the battle with their titans was a staggering force of heretofore unmatched potential. The titans come in varying statures, with equally varied abilities that all pose a considerable challenge. Thanks to a special bond the evoker shares with the titan it calls forth, the titan is always quick to obey commands its given, even ones communicated through a spiritual link. However, that spiritual bond also results in the evoker slightly feeling the pangs of an embattled titan, which emphasizes the two working in tandem, almost as one entity to ensure each other’s safety. Allies referred to titans themselves as living tanks, given their power and size.

Originally, the shamans’ abilities weren’t deemed valuable until the supply lines running ore from the Iron Wastes to Axis factories further west were cut off by Allied forces. With no more ore to help with the manufacture of mobile weaponry, the evoker’s and their titan friends seemed the best opportunity for bolstering the Axis ranks, and helping push back against the Allied forces standing firm in the supply routes.


So there you have it. Hopefully you’ve gotten some insight on a few more things about the world of Sit-0, and how warfare is handled from talking about the types of soldiers that Karamia will fight alongside and against. Hopefully, this is another sneak peek that will get you more excited for Situation 0 -Amor Fati-.


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