A New Kind of Titanomachy

Gaaaaaah, I’m becoming rather bad at this blog updating business. I have plenty to say, but I’m reticent to just keep blabbing here. Quite ironic, given the circumstances, so I s’pose we’ll see if I can actually feel like some of my inane words are worth a damn.

If you’re into anime, and aren’t watching Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan (or rather “Giant’s Onslaught”)), you probably should be.

To put it simply, the world is overrun by man-eating giants, forcing humanity to live in a walled up city-state for protection. The origin of the “titans” is unknown, but they seek to tear down the walls and consume what’s left of the human race. Enter Eren Jaeger, the newest recruit to the city’s defense force, training to kill giants like a steampunk Spider-Man swinging around with a sword in each hand and an insatiable drive to end the titans’ onslaught. The show is unapologetic in its violence and how it portrays the human condition during certain circumstances, and does a great job of making the audience root for the underdog human race while simultaneously leaving the titans as an irredeemable threat that you’re happy to see fall. Plus, they’re just goddamn creepy most of the time…

Then of course, there’s the mind-blowing mysteries and twists that have come up within the recent episodes, which reminds me of Lost before JJ Abrams’ head got lodged too far up his own butt. The anime being only 26 episodes also ensures that it can’t end up like Lost, wearing out its charm over too many seasons.

It’s sort of the must-see anime this season, and that should mean something coming from a guy who can only be assed to watch an anime when it’s done. It’s also bereft of the archetypal anime characters that have permeated the industry for so long recently. No one character is ruled by some overarching concept that defines their personality or attitude – they’re really just who they are, and it’s a breath of fresh air.

And yeah, for some reason, someone on the Japanese production team decided to use the term “titan” to describe something giant, when the Greek titans were never really mentioned as being some figure of Brobdingnagian size. “Giant” was the only term mentioned in English from the original manga, so I’d just as soon call them that. Of course, rule of cool is still on “titan’s” side. Whaaaaatever.

All this talk of giants and “jaeger” also has me so ‘cited for the film Pacific Rim next month. Growing up loving the Power Rangers, the concept of giant monster vs giant robot amidst a seemingly expendable (cardboard) city was familiar and totally welcome to me. I like big robots, an’ I cannot lie! You other brothers can’t deny *ahem* Yeah…should be pretty cool, if even just as a summer popcorn flick.

Anyway, another post of greater literary import is on its way in a little while. Hopefully those waiting with bated breath are still conscious. Stay tuned, kiddies.

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