Nothing Makes It Right

Waking up in the morning to hear that over a dozen children were gunned down along with their teachers in a Connecticut elementary school makes the rest of your day pensive. You hold your loved ones closer, and every once and a while the question of, “Why?” runs through your head. Whatever the reasons the young man had, nothing makes it right. We can try to justify killing each other on battlefields, but there’s no excuse for hurting innocent people, especially children, in a place of learning. Aurora was horrible, and then shootings in a mall (I forget where, suddenly), and now this? The world isn’t going to end on the 21st, but damn, people really seem bent on tearing the world apart themselves.

Prayers to the little ones who lost their lives, and their families and peers who will have to deal with the aftermath.

I’d ask for the media to do the responsible thing and limit coverage of such a thing, but…that machine is too far gone to stop, and all it’s going to bring is more people who think it’ll be okay kill others to get on TV and send out a message. Why do all these crazy people have guns, anyway…?

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