The Writer’s New Groove

Now that I’m done with the previews, and that I’ve gotten a healthy dose of Dishonored and Devil May Cry 3 HD in my system, time to get onto starting Situation-0.

I think for me this is the most difficult part of the writing process: getting started. Conceptualizing is fine, because it’s a lot of brainstorming and your thoughts can be incomplete sometimes, but when you actually start writing, your thoughts need to be complete, and it all has to have this…cohesive flow. It’s difficult getting into that groove sometimes, but that groove is definitely where I need to be. I should get a shovel and dig one out…

I also recently watched all of the available episodes of Freeman’s Mind, which was a very entertaining experience. It was more that just watching a guy narrate a playthrough, it was like watching a machinima through the eyes of the character, and the player made sure to move around and do things in a much more animated way.

And now, let’s get back to getting into that groove.

4 thoughts on “The Writer’s New Groove

  1. Do you really have to fully conceptualise exactly what will happen? Understandably, all writers have different practices. For me, I find either I know an ending, or a beginning or an event in a story. I rarely know all of those things.

    Personally, I find many things appear as I write. Characters will push toward a certain ending. Editing after the first draft will make me realise where things need to be changed for plot or general housekeeping.

    Many writers get past “writers block” etc by just writing any old tripe. Even if it’s bad, it can always be deleted and often that bit of bad writing gets you to the good stuff. 🙂

    So don’t worry about the groove – if you keep writing you’ll get to it eventually.

    • Oh, most definitely. I don’t fully form a lot of stuff in the concept stages, usually either props, areas, the basic things about characters, and events, so usually it is all up to writing things as they come, and getting things to certain events that I’ve already plotted out.

      It’s just sometimes it feels like slow-goin’, because I’m not quite in that flow yet. Conceptualizing is sometimes a giant hodgepodge of thoughts, which just lets my creativity run wherever the hell it wants. Getting into that groove requires juuuuust a bit more focus.

      I’ll definitely find it again :3 Maybe I do need to pull something random out of my butt to write about first :3

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