Candy Won’t Fit

Well, it’s been a little bit. My favorite gal pal and I are on a nice little vacation in Aruba (…that’s a lie…). Nothing but Sex on the Beach (the drink) and watching the sunset come down over the ocean waves (…not sure if that’s a drink…it could be, but it’d be a long-ass name…). It’s been mostly nice, except for when you actually wanna go out and do something, and then it’s really hot and you can drink the air because it’s so muggy. And suffer a mild case of heat stroke ヾ(×× ) ツ

Yeah! Mostly just been taking it easy, even though my brain is still thinking up crazy new stuff for me to possibly write about someday. It just won’t turn off. However, playing games like Secret of Mana co-op (finally) staves off any wild ideas for a bit.

Not too much else to talk about, other than I hope everyone is enjoying the summer! If you haven’t gotten yourself a copy of Fiction Junction, now is a fantastic time to do so! I’ll have something to share later next month, methinks!

Until then everyone, Keep Yourself Alive!

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