Dragon’s Soul Payne & What To Write Next?

And here I thought I was simply waiting on the publisher to send me the updated galleys. Seems the files got lost in the email, as it were. Oh well, I send them again, make sure they get them, and then get back to playing Dark Souls, or fawning over Max Payne 3 and Dragon’s Dogma this month. Maybe a little of both. Still drawing as well, but trying to figure out what I can actually show without  giving away something important. Man, I’m like a giant tease, aren’t I?

I’m also burning my midnight oil jotting down in-depth synopsiseseseseses for different stories. I get so enamored with one until I start writing in the other. I don’t quite know which one I want to write next! I need to figure it out soon though. Gotta have something else for you guys to read after Fiction Junction.

What, oh what, do I write about though? The modern fantasy action/adventure? The action thriller romance? The organized crime neo-noir? I just don’t know! They’re all so interesting to me, the possibilities are nigh-limitless! What do, readers, WHAT DO?

Speaking of addressing you, the reader, you can always feel free to comment and give feedback on anything here that allows comments. Open a dialogue if you want. Ask questions if you’re curious about something. If I can answer it, I’ll try.

On a side note, I’ve reached a small milestone in views for this here blarg, and I’d just like to thank everyone who has stopped by, and shown an interest in what I’m doing so far. Without you, I’d just be some guy talkin’ to a wall like a crazy person. I hope we can continue to take this ride together, and get some great stories out of it all.

Until the next post, Keep Yourself Alive!

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