One of the best parts about writing my own work is that I also get to design the characters. The only thing better than that is the vast amount of research I do, and the awesome stuff I learn from it all. However, that’s for another time…

As the first book is off to the publishers, I think it’s time people got a peek at the cover. It was a stressful time, but we made it through! Line art for each of the characters was done by myself, while coloring and placement was done by the lovely Jenny Lee, because I am seemingly horrible at both.

Cover of the First Novella Collection

The idea was since it’s called “Fiction Junction,” being a collection of several different stories, I couldn’t just show one character. No, that would be too easy. Plus, it’d wouldn’t do well in conveying what’s on the pages. If I had simply gone with Karamia (jumping character on the middle-left, with the sword) people would think it’s all about swords…and…jumping. If I had gone with just the butler there, people would think it’s all about…butlering? Indentured servitude? SO NO! We can’t just have one, and so instead we end up with a mash up of different characters who have almost nothing to do with one another, except for being written by a charming young lad.

My original idea for the character placement was rather different than this end product, but you can thank Jenny for that. As a graphic designer, she knows what’s what, and what’s not. Clearly, my ideas are “what’s not,” and she had no problem telling me so. But hey, you live and learn (and then get Luvs).

I suppose right now I should say “tentative cover,” since things might change a teensy bit, but that above is the intended idea. Jenny did a fantastic job placing the characters in such a way that wasn’t artistically retarded (like I had originally conceptualized), and she even did a great job stomaching my desire for more colorful and vibrant images. Thank you Jenny, for putting up with my silly crap throughout this process.

It’s crazy to see myself having come this far, finally, in fulfilling a dream. Here’s hoping we can follow that dream to a great many things together.

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