Creative endeavors ruined by television

So, corporate media has screwed over my creativity. They’ve inadvertently created this weird double-standard where it’s okay to have fictitious video game names that seem perfectly fine, but it’s impossible to make a fictitious game system that doesn’t sound as awkward as when a sitcom tries to shoehorn a console into an episode because it’s what’s “in” right now.

“Get Dragon Crisis 3 (fine), only for the GameStation Delta (awkward)!”

Okay, maybe it’s a bit of an exaggeration that it completely ruins the idea, but it sure makes it harder for the audience to accept. Hell, I can barely accept it, and I’m writing it!

In this instance, what do you do? Use a real product name to make it sound more believable, or make up the product name and accept that some would feel it sounds silly?

One thought on “Creative endeavors ruined by television

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